On 15 February 1955, Taxi-Zentrale AG was founded as the first taxi centre in Switzerland. While in other cities the taxis waited at taxi ranks, in Basel you could already book a taxi by phone.

In 1976, the year of the recession, Taxi-Zentrale AG introduced the discount taxi ‘Piccolo’, which changed taxi history under the name ‘minicab’.

In 1992,  Taxi-Zentrale AG was the first company in Switzerland to introduce a modern radio data transmission system.

On 1 September 2002, Taxi-Zentrale AG was taken over by new owners and the company was re-established. It’s new telephone number 061 222 22 22 was launched.

In 2003, the existing radio data system was replaced by the newest radio data system in Europe with satellite positioning.

In 2011, Taxi-Zentrale AG introduced its own electronic payment method (magnet payment cards for journeys against invoice).

In 2012 it introduced the taxi app, that enables you to book taxis in real time and fully automatically.

In December 2014, automatic call answering was introduced so that taxis can be booked fully automatically by telephone.